Shape Manufacturing is a complete HVAC metal duct fabricator. Our focus is on manufacturing ductwork for commercial and light industrial HVAC systems. We also manufacture ducting for dust collection systems. We have been serving Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio since 1988.

We provide unmatched turn around, pricing and quality to our customers. We put a special emphasis on providing when needed turn around because we understand that our customers operate in a fast pace and high pressure unpredictable job site environment. We are on a standby to perform to customer schedule.

Our SHIPPING department is built with a customer focus in mind. We have 45 fleet units that can have your order on site when you need it. We can drop a trailer on a site if that is what helps you to do your job better.

Our ESTIMATING department can provide you with a bid proposal either from a blueprint or your list as fast as you need it. If you prefer we can do a production take off for your job so you can focus on installing.
We fabricate to any standard - SMACNA, ASHRAE, Uniform Building Code or any other schedule.
Our SHOP has all equipment necessary to make any duct work you may need per SMACNA specifications. We operate 6 plasma tables, a water jet, spiral machine with dies up to 80", ovalizers,  and a coil line among others.
RECTANGULAR DUCT: S&D, TDF, Ductmate, Welded, Angle or Flange connection. Single Wall, Lined or Double Wall.
ROUND DUCT: Any size from 3" to 80". Connected by slip fit, couplings, add-on flange, angle iron rings. Single or Double Wall.
OVAL DUCT: Any size, Single or Double Wall.
SPECIALTY PRODUCTS: Roof curbs, curb adapters, birds screen, blast gates, gooseneck hoods.
MATERIALS: Galvanized, Paingrip, Stainless, Aluminum, PVC Coated, Black Iron, Expended Metal.

We are looking forward to an opportunity to serve your needs on your next project. Come and ask for a first order discount and experience for yourself our service and our passion for sheet metal.

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